Captain Morgan – Captain’s Conquest

  • Awards / Nominations:-
    • Cannes Lions: Bronze Mobile Lion (Products)
  • Client:- Captain Morgan Rum
  • Agency:- Anomaly
  • Role:- Technical Lead

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Original Post:

This project was a lot of fun. I was stationed in New York for 6 months, working closely with the team at Anomaly. We had a crazy deadline to get something available for CES 2012, then we released the 1.0 version in March 2012. This app has everything, two trailers, a CES event, an awkward interview for Playboy, AR, location-based gaming, multiplayer gaming, crazy social features, foursquare integration, a Unity minigame, custom generated maps of the whole USA using OpenStreetMap, and probably other amazing things I can’t remember at this point.

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This is a massive location-based multiplayer mobile game, which places the user in the role of a captain, physically moving around your city to fight virtual battles against rival ships and increase your vessels strength and capabilities by collecting add-ons.

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Form a fleet with your friends and conquer territories by docking at real-world locations around you via Foursquare. By proving your skill in battle and exploring your city, you rise through the ranks with bigger ships to become captain of the entire fleet. Captains conquest features over 80 unique items to discover. Buy and sell virtual loot, hidden in the physical world, in a dynamic economy where prices fluctuate from place to place.

Your social influence on Facebook & Twitter is used to create your initial ranking.

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Use the innovative scope feature to scan physical Captain Morgan bottles to unlock valuable in-game rewards.

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Captain’s Conquest brings the captain’s legacy and his adventure spirit to a 21st. century meaning. Available in the US only for iPhone & Android.
Winner of Diageo’s Best mobile campaign

Update 1 (07/2012):

We’ve launched phase 1.5. We rewrote a lot of the ranking mechanism at the higher ranks as we found there was a core group of high-ranked users who were playing regularly, but most players stopped playing quickly when they reached level 10 as they didn’t get the daily ranking recalculation. Now we have 30+ levels that are linear. We also changed the inventory system to an achievement system, because people weren’t really using their inventory.

Update 2 (08/2012):

After lots of fun running around New York planning phase 2, Diageo decided against it. I can officially call this project done. Time to move on. This is one of the longest projects I have worked on. From June 2011 to August 2012, and I have really enjoyed it. Great team, lots of drama and an amazing result.
After a month or so of 1.5 being live, it has gone down pretty well. Some people are really not impressed, and have written a lot to the support email, but for the most part the app is simpler, and active user numbers are way up. We made ‘learndings’.

Update 3 (03/2013):

Turns out it wasn’t over. Spent the last month planning and migrating user private data from Infosys to a UNIT9-run server somewhere else. There was too much down time on the old server causing people not to be able to register. After one-and-a-half years of proposals Anomaly and Diageo accepted our requests to privately host user PII data.