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  • Client:- Planters
  • Agency:- TBWA
  • Role:- Technical Lead

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Update 2 (11/2013):

The Succ-sizzle Vision page is here. This update gives you the power to envision your success with an awesome animated slideshow with you in it. It was great fun to produce, and took a wacky development approach to get it right. We ended up having to animate in Flash so that the client could review and we could amend and get sign off, and then use Adobe’s Create JS toolkit to export the animation into Javascript to integrate it with the rest of the site.

While getting the animation right was important, it would have been useless if you couldn’t cut yourself out of a photo without being a Photoshop pro. We developed countless prototypes in an effort to find the simplest way of cutting yourself out of a photo, and in the end stuck with a tool much like the pen-tool in Photoshop and Illustrator, where you click to place control points of a line. Without the complexity of anchors to create curved lines, the process was quite simple and in testing did pretty well.

Update (09/2013):

We added free goodies. Get yourself a power tie, or a other ‘Succ-swag’, while stocks last. Integrating with a prizing API involved a lot of calls with a lot of people, but in the end I think the entire inventory managed to disappear within the first day. You unlocked prizes by doing certain combinations of activities on the site, all recorded and stored by an activity monitor, like watching videos, rolling over certain hotspots, or sharing the site.

Original Post:

Power of the Peanut Image

Power of the Peanut. The brief was simple. They wanted a responsive over-the-top video experience that worked flawlessly on mobile with plenty of interaction, and they wanted it in a month… Oh and it had to work on IE8. Nothing major then.

Power of the Peanut is an interactive HTML5 microsite built to introduce the people of America to the nutritional power of peanuts.

Power of the Peanut Image

With Bill Hader (South Park and Saturday Night Live) as the voice of Mr Peanut as the central figure in a motivational seminar, the site allows visitors to embrace and acknowledge the affirming nutritional benefits of peanuts and complements the TV and digital spots perfectly.