I am a British Indian programmer/ technical lead, born in sunny Harrow, north-west London. I now live in New York with my better half, who is a proper American.

I make apps, websites, anything else I’m asked to do, really. I like machine learning and data science. It’s programming and maths, which is the best combination ever. I do it for fun, at some point I’d like to do it for work too. I also make a mean google spreadsheet.

I grew up and went to school in London, where I studied weird things like Sanskrit and Ancient Greek for far too long. I obtained crap grades at GCSE, excellent grades at A-Level and shipped myself as far away from home as possible – Imperial College (also in London).

I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Information Systems Engineering (read Electronics and Programming) from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. I have a passion for electronics and mechanics, which is thoroughly unexercised and I have probably forgotten 90% of the non-programming aspects of my degree. I still like to build stuff every now and then. A few years ago, a couple of friends and I built a boat by hand. It was most enjoyable. Recently I built a flying blimp that searched for strong Wi-Fi signals autonomously or could be remotely controlled with your phone.

I am currently working for UNIT9 in New York as a Tech Lead. I joined UNIT9 London straight out of University at the tail end of 2007 as a junior developer and quickly progressed to Tech Lead.  After freelancing from 2010, in 2014 I moved to New York and joined UNIT9 New York.

I love aeroplanes (not airplanes, thank you). Near the end of 2010 I took 3 months off to travel to Florida and get my Private Pilot’s License. I left Florida in September and went to New York for the next month. There I explored the city, posed for a watch advert in a magazine, partied hard, and did all the usual things you should do. I even experienced my first – and hopefully not last – New York Halloween before returning to London. I was a pimp.

I love to learn and experiment. I’m always thinking of new things to do, new programs to write, or new books to read. As is often the case with these things, work commitments usually get in the way of the side projects and very few projects get finished.

Currently I am writing my own email client because I am disgusted with the state of  desktop email clients. Thunderbird was great, but Mozilla decided to focus on their Firefox things. Sparrow was great, until Google bought it and left us all in the cold. All the new ones are trying to be too clever. Thus I’ll do it myself. I also love mathematics and teaching, so I’m writing an application to teach mathematics.

Other than programming, flying and reading, in my spare time I like to watch movies, play and watch football (aka soccer) and go to the pub. I went curling once. It was epic, definitely have to do it again.

Shameless Self Promotion (Technical Background)

I have worked on many award winning projects as both a technical lead and as a developer, working from the pitching phase, through scoping and discovery and on to final delivery (and phase 2, phase 2.5, phase 3… and on and on).

I very much enjoy managing the technical team during the life of a project, bridging the gap between the designers, producers and developers. It is imperative that I understand the most detailed points of the technical side for discussions within the development team, while being able to present an overview of these points to the rest of the team without boring them with the details. I like to talk and make people laugh, so I get a great buzz from doing my best to keep everyone happy and upbeat.

In the initial stages I work with the client, interactive director and producer to scope the various ideas and calculate what we can best deliver within the time and budget available. During the life of a project I work with the entire team to make sure we deliver a good site on time. Depending on the requirements and complexity of each particular job I sometimes lead the technical team in the actual development as well. I like me some agile development too, as long as it doesn’t get in the way.

In my daily work life I mostly use AS3, HTML, CSS and JS, PHP, Python and MySQL or PostgreSQL. These things tend to live on some sort of LAMP setup, Google App Engine, or rarely and painfully IIS.

At university I studied and did projects with shell scripting and in Pascal, C, C++, C#, Java, VHDL (and AHDL) and PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL. In my spare time I learnt to use HTML, CSS, JS, AS2, AS3, Python and Photoshop. If I had to pick one it would be python. It’s pretty.

My dev site brings all the boys to the yard.