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Managing Like A Boss

I’m about to close up shop and go to Florida to get my Pilot’s license, so I thought I’d give my thoughts on being in, and running a dev team.

I like to be friendly, make people laugh and generally keep people happy. It’s a great thing to do within a team, but it can cause difficulty when handing out tasks or when you need to use your serious face. In general, this has lead to me being the guy at unit9 that the producers and designers like to come to when they want to know if something is possible or if they need little odd jobs doing. It is very important to remember that they are not developers. What comes naturally to you, may not come naturally to others; empathy is key.

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Hypnodisc, AAH!

Animated Morphing Spiral Image
I enjoy using Flash’s drawing API to play with vector shapes and animations. I did a simple class to draw spirals, fit text within the spirals and animate it spinning like a hypnotic disc. Click the image above to see the morphing spiral in action. Christian Etter, the Interactive Director on the What’s the Real Cost? campaign, saw the demo and asked to use the spiral code on the site, which was nice.

There are also a couple of tests below.
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