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Hypnodisc, AAH!

Animated Morphing Spiral Image
I enjoy using Flash’s drawing API to play with vector shapes and animations. I did a simple class to draw spirals, fit text within the spirals and animate it spinning like a hypnotic disc. Click the image above to see the morphing spiral in action. Christian Etter, the Interactive Director on the What’s the Real Cost? campaign, saw the demo and asked to use the spiral code on the site, which was nice.

There are also a couple of tests below.
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BBC Gardening – Pests and Disease Identifier

BBC Gardening Pest and Disease Identifier Image

  • Client:- BBC
  • Agency:- None
  • Role:- Developer

visit the pests and disease identifier

This was an update to the original pests and disease identifier that was previously done by unit9. My role was to perform the update and be in contact with the client.

The original project was AS2, was before the time of unit9 using SVN, and was completely timeline based. To make matters worse, the transitions between sections were all in one incredibly long timeline. The updates were to add a new section, add and remove some links, and to change some copy.

Heineken – Know the Signs

  • Awards / Nominations:-
    • Media Guardian Winner – Brand reputation
    • Bima 2009 Shortlist
    • Revolution Awards – Highly Commended – Best Website
    • Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 24th December 2008
  • Client:- Heineken
  • Agency:- Red Brick Road / Ruby
  • Role:- Lead Developer

Heineken - Know the Signs Image

“Know the Signs” is part of the “Enjoy Heineken Responsibly”™ marketing plan through which Heineken aims to provide comprehensive information about the advantages and the disadvantages of its products in order to facilitate a balanced consumer choice.
unit9 collaborated with TV production company Outsider to set up the interactive logic and also assisted in the shoot of a bar under surveillance, which provides for alternative realities at certain key moments. We created a strong visual identity – a contemporary and fun approach to deliver the underlying message of responsible drinking.

There is a great post on viralblog about the campaign.

Lodge St. Germain

Lodge St Germain Image Image

  • Client:- Lodge St. Germain
  • Agency:- I don’t actually know
  • Role:- Developer initially, then Lead Developer

visit lodgestgermain.com

In this project I worked mostly with full screen video and the problems it brings. I had a lot of fun creating the scrolling map and the accordion in the Plans section.

I was given my first taste as a Lead Developer when the previous one left to go and work in Sweden. I learnt patience. A lot of patience.

Got Milk?

  • Awards / Nominations:-
    • One Show 2009 Gold Award
    • New York Festivals 2009 Gold Award
    • Cannes Cyber Lion 2008 Nomination
    • Included in the Top 50 FWA Sites of 2008
    • Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 1st May 2008.
  • Client:- California Milk Processing Board
  • Agency:- Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco
  • Role:- Junior Developer

Got Milk? Image

visit gotmilk.com

The new flagship website for Got Milk?. Play some games and enjoy yourself in the land of milk. We created a factory of games and quirky characters to communicate the key benefits of milk in a fun and informative way.

Fedex: Experience

fedex experience

  • Client:- Fedex
  • Agency:- Atmosphere BBDO
  • Role:- Freelance Junior Developer

Unit9 collaborated with Atmosphere BBDO to create a rich and visually stimulating experience as part of a fully integrated advertising campaign covering Fedex’s worldwide business delivery services. The online execution conveys how the company works to solve customer problems worldwide, and illustrates how Fedex employees are ‘behind’ a smooth and efficient business world.

AT&T – Digital DNA

AT&T Digital DNA Image

  • Client:- AT&T Cingular
  • Agency:- Atmosphere BBDO New York / BBD New York
  • Role:- Freelance Junior Developer

AT&T help you express your unique digital personality. Create online personas that visualize how you use the digital world. You then export the colour module as an unbranded rich media banner to embed in your favorite social networking platform for others to see.

Back in the day, before joining unit9 you had to do a code test. Mine was on AT&T Digital DNA to create the map containing the users. It wasn’t difficult but it was a little scary. I survived, my code was used in the site, and they asked me to come back.