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Video Filters Demo from Philips: Parallel Lines

Philips Cinema: Parallel Lines Image

I just got a new Macbook Pro, and while clearing out my hard disk I found a filters demo I did when working on Philips Cinema: Parallel Lines. I’ve cleaned it up a bit and added some buttons.

The bottom row of filters are the ones that I used in my drawing tool in Matteo’s Secret. The middle four on the top are interesting. I think the performance is pretty good.

View it here.

Fruitshoot International

Fruitshoot International Image

  • Client:- Fruitshoot
  • Agency:- BBH
  • Role:- Tech Lead

visit fruitshoot international

For BBH London, unit9 have crafted an interactive website for kids to learn, play and share comments in a fun and engaging way.

Kids are given the chance to master cool skills such as beat-boxing, cup stacking and skateboarding in this engaging microsite for Fruit Shoot. Master four addictive flash games (accuracy, movement, balance and rhythm) and view the latest comments to get the lowdown on the word on the digital playground.


  • Client:- iMeet
  • Agency:- MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER
  • Role:- Tech Lead / Technical Consultant

iMeet Image
visit iMeet
visit the unit9 page

iMeet revolutionises conference calls, by putting a face, to a name – blankly staring at the speakerphone is now a thing of the past.
unit9 collaborated on this project by working on the front end of this new tool, establishing the information architecture and designing the user interface. We then used an iterative series of creative prototypes to streamline the collaboration with MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER and the development team at PGI to help realise this revolutionary new tool for sharing ideas.

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Managing Like A Boss

I’m about to close up shop and go to Florida to get my Pilot’s license, so I thought I’d give my thoughts on being in, and running a dev team.

I like to be friendly, make people laugh and generally keep people happy. It’s a great thing to do within a team, but it can cause difficulty when handing out tasks or when you need to use your serious face. In general, this has lead to me being the guy at unit9 that the producers and designers like to come to when they want to know if something is possible or if they need little odd jobs doing. It is very important to remember that they are not developers. What comes naturally to you, may not come naturally to others; empathy is key.

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Philips Cinema: Parallel Lines

  • Awards / Nominations:-
  • Campaign BIG Awards 2010 – Gold in Individual Digital Category
  • Campaign BIG Awards 2010 – Runner Up Campaign of the Year
  • Cannes Cyber Lion 2010 Nomination
  • Creative Review Annual: Featured Project
  • New York Festival Awards: Finalist Certificate (Personal Products, Digital & Interactive)
  • Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 9th July 2010
  • Client:- Philips
  • Agency:- DDB London / Tribal DDB Amsterdam
  • Role:- Tech Lead / Developer

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Pop Secret

  • Client:- Pop Secret
  • Agency:- Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco
  • Role:- Tech Lead

Pop Secret Image
visit popsecret.com

PopSecret popcorn make organising a movie night easier. Simply pick your mood, film genre and audience and let the kernels offer up their movie suggestions. As soon as you make a choice the site helps you quickly create a movie night event on Facebook.
The website content was generated by integrating 3 separate data feeds. Screenplay for the trailers, IMDB for the cast, synopsis and rating of the films and Jinni, a specialised search engine which applies complex algorithms to suggest movie selections.

McDonalds Flavourhood Facebook App

McDonalds Flavourhood Image

  • Client:- McDonalds
  • Agency:- Razorfish
  • Role:- Tech Lead

visit the Flavourhood

The Flavourhood is not just a Facebook App. It’s a pledge of allegiance. It’s a line in the sand. It’s where you say what your favourite food is at McDonald’s and say it loud.

My first Tech Lead project was a small Facebook App for McDonalds. Lots of client communication and relying on external companies and people. It all went relatively smoothly, but unfortunately I wasn’t there to finish it due to family problems.